Head of department

The programmes are designed to empower educational administrators to acquire skills in school administration, planning, monitoring and evaluation. It also imbeds in the learners competences and skills in different areas of specialisation. The programmes are well designed to develop research skills and abilities to use these skills in establishing meaningful and appropriate management programmes.

The courses are aimed at instilling students with skills in managerial abilities (administration, planning and supervision), so as to develop intellectual and professional know-how towards administrative policies and the certitude to use these skills effectively and efficiently to bring about meaningful needed to improve Cameroon’s educational system.


At the end of this programme, students will:

  • Acquire skills to manage and evaluate personnel of teachers training schools and higher education institute based on identified educational objectives;
  • Be able to promote pedagogic excellence at all levels and apply managerial skills in schools;

Bachelor degree programme description

The students are introduced to introductory courses such

  • Introduction to administration
  • Introduction to inspection
  • supervision and planning
  • governance

Masters and Doctorate Programme description

The masters and doctorate courses are designed at this advanced stage to reflect on the level of education administration irrespective of the educational level. Specialities include:

  • management of primary schools
  • management of secondary schools
  • management of higher education
  • management of institutions of sports and animation
  • Information of education system, etc..

Courses at this level include: Education psychology ; Administration of education and training ; Education Sociology and economics ;  Education system analyses ;  Applied principles in management etc…

Employment opportunities

  • Teaching at all levels of education;
  • School accountancy and auditing;
  • Research officer and project management.